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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Blogging from an iPad

Yup, I feel like I'm part of some techy geek elite now. While the app for blogger is actually kinda lame. It's totally made for a iPhone. It lets me work on my blogs when I'm away from my computer. No pictures but hey, no biggie. I've found my self not being able to sit down at for very long any more. I blame Genesis. But that's okay. I have an iPad

Yes, the iPad is amazing. It's provided me with new freedoms that I have kinda lost with becoming a mom. But I have put most of my church calling on to it, ( which by the way is so awesome to have to take just a diaper bag and not two bags to church) I have a place to work on my children's story, wasted a lot of time on angry birds and so much more. I take it with me when I go nurse look at stuff on pinterest.( google it, amazing page) I have such a awesome husband. Best early birthday gift ever. Now that I've gushed about my iPad I'll go do something else now.

Hopefully I'll get more blogs up. I spend more time editing them then I probably should. I might have a little OCD maybe.

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